This week, as part of a This Girl Can day, I was invited to Shoreham Academy to teach yoga to all the girls in year 7, 8, 9 AND 10! The day gave them an opportunity to try something new in a fun and informal way and I was amazed at how well they all engaged!  

This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England to get girls and women moving. The message is fun, friendly and inclusive, aiming to help us overcome the growing trend of inactivity among adults and young people, especially women.

I hated PE when I was at school. Whilst I am extremely driven, I am not a fan of competitive sport and would often make excuses to avoid the lessons. It wasn't until I reached my early 20's that I really found my love of exercise, fueled by a passion for the sea and eventually a sanctuary in my yoga mat. Events such as this, put on by a wonderful team of teachers at the Academy, are so important for young people. Even if just one of those participants finds an affinity with yoga or any of the other activities that were on offer, then it is a success.

Unfortunately it seems that the GCSE PE curriculum is changing next year, yet again, with the re-introduction of all the traditional team games. I hope that schools continue to value the importance of fitness and alternative sports that simply get young people active and enjoying it!