Winter solstice and New Years - the end and the beginning!

I love new beginnings and always see the end of the year as the start of the next. It's a time that I look back on what has passed and reflect, whilst using this to look forward and think about what I want for the coming year. Learning from what I have done, I am able to move forward with far more confidence and openness. It's an exciting time of year, marked for me by winter solstice and the beginning of longer evenings, with life quietly growing under the surface, waiting to blossom again. Plans are hatched, seeds have been sewn, the future seems to stretch out in front of us. 

I'm a believer in letting life happen organically, but I also feel that it's necessary to have a focus. If you try to practice Vriksasana (tree pose) with your eyes closed you will wobble and undoubtedly fall. Focus keeps you balanced and gives you a direction in which to move. Knowing when to switch focus, change direction, make new plans and let things go is fundamental to keeping moving, flowing and not stagnating. This is why reflecting and setting new goals is so important. 

Making New Year's resolutions can feel a bit like 'I want I want I want', so I try to have gratitude for what I've already received. Acknowledging everything we have helps us to welcome more in gently, rather than grasping for it. With Yoga and the Yamas in mind, we are reminded of Asteya (non stealing) and Aparigraha (non possessiveness). When you set resolutions or goals, think about accepting where you are at and not holding on to where you want to be - letting things go if they no longer fit. 

We will be running a special 'Intentions setting Yoga workshop' in Amberley on 22nd January, open to all. It will be an opportunity to look ahead, with a deep releasing yoga practice to create space for the new. As the trees shed their leaves before growing new ones, so to must we let go before we can grow. A chance to move, connect and open up again after the hectic festive period! Contact for info and booking or click here for more information. 

Wishing you all a wonderful end to 2016 and prosperous beginning to 2017! 

Nathalie X