Satya - Truthfulness

yoga truth

A few days ago I was messing around and somehow found myself in this yoga pose - Mayurasana, Peacock.

It wasn't hard, I just balanced and lifted my legs up

and then eventually...

I fell!! 

My partner captured my graceful moment and I decided to share it on social media. Not because I want everyone to see me doing an almost impossible yoga pose but because I want everyone to see me do it like a normal human being, fall over and make an idiot out of myself! 

One of the 5 Yamas in the eight limbs of Yoga is 'Satya' - truthfulness. The Yamas are a series of commitments to our relationship with others (how we act to others) making up one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Satya, in my opinion, is one of the most important. Being honest means that we don't deceive others. It means that other people respect us because they trust us. It is the basis of any solid relationship, whether this be with a friend, partner, colleague, client. If you don't have honesty you don't have trust and if you don't have trust you have no relationship! 

I'm constantly aware of the way that things are portrayed in the world today. Social media makes it impossible to escape this desire to show other people our lives, and consequently to be shown other people's lives all the time. However, we all know that what we see is not always the truth. In an attempt to live more closely in line with Satya, whilst still living in the modern world running a business that relies on social media, I have chosen to show the reality of my 'advanced yoga practice'. I try new poses to challenge my body and my focus. Sometimes I manage them, but guaranteed, for every pose I can do there are 100's of attempts where I've landed in a heap on the floor.  

I hope that this inspires others to give it a go!