Deepening your yoga practice

Having both practiced and taught yoga for many years I have been through the cycles - from practicing once every few weeks to every day, to when I feel I need it. Slowly my own practice has grown from a physical form of movement to a much deeper response. As I learnt about breathing and meditation, yoga nidra, philosopy, Ayurveda and diet, and as I learnt from my students, I now choose my practice depending on my mood and needs. Throughout my journey so far I have found workshops and trainings to be the best way to really learn and develop.

I love the weekly classes I teach, which allow me to share my passion with others. However, I am accutely aware that you can only go so deep in classes like this because there just isn't the time! As a response I have always run workshops alongside my classes. The 2-3 hour sessions allow people to delve into a practice that you could spend a lifetime studying. The understandinggained allows students to go back into a class (or home) and practice with so much more knowledge, which is essential in order to really 'get' the practice.

If, like I used to, you have been practicing yoga in a class regularly, try a workshop. Pick a subject or pose you are interested in and then spend a couple of hours with a knoweldgable teacher breaking that down. Explore the other aspects of yoga that exist outside the 'fitness/yoga studio'. I guarantee you will return to your mat with a whole new perspective and enthusiasm!

I am putting a series of workshops and 6 week courses together in the local area (Worthing) over the next few months. Please contact me for more information, or follow the link below!

Delve deeper and allow your practice to blosssom!