How to let life bloom!

It's no secret that flowers are one of my favourite things! In fact, 'flower' was the first word I said (according to my mum). I get so much satisfaction from watching all of my plants and flowers blossom. Every day I water them, talk to them, clean the leaves, inspect them for shoots and admire them patiently as they grow, bit by bit. So... why can't I do this with my life?! 

When it comes to growing flowers, plants, vegetables, whatever you choose, you have to have patience. You know it's not going to happen over night and you enjoy the moments watching them grow as much as the final product, tending your garden is therapeutic! This is common knowledge and one of the reasons community gardens and allotments are so popular.

In contrast, when it comes to life we rarely just observe as it grows, blossoms and fades, grows again, blossoms again.... It can be hard to let life take it's course. We often want to see the 'flowers' constantly without acknowledging that those flowers have a life cycle of their own. When I look at nature I'm always reminded that this is life. All the extra stuff we do is our human addition - the clothes, cars, jobs, houses, but when you break it down to the bare bones it is simply about growing, blossoming, dying, maybe growing again. Much like the tides ebb and flow, sometimes with a bigger tide, sometimes with choppier waves. 

When you remind yourself that our lives are just part of this cycle it can be easier to accept it. It does take time, you do have to be patient, cut off the dead-heads and wait for the new buds. And you have to nurture it, feed it, give it water and sunlight. Try it, just for today, imagine your life as a plant and nurture it. Notice the difference!