We have successfully been delivering Yoga, Mindful Movement and Fitness sessions for 8 years to young people in schools, youth clubs and support groups. These can range from taster sessions, weekly courses and one day enrichment sessions.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss bringing sessions to your community. Where possible we will look for funding to support sessions and are happy to collaborate on this. 

-It’s the most exercise I’ve done since GCSE
-I didn’t realise how unfit I’d become
-6 months ago I couldn’t even touch my toes
- I sometimes use the relaxation when I feel stressed, it reminds me to calm down
— comments from a few of our students

Youth Yoga Training

Our vocational youth yoga teacher training courses and CPD sessions are another great way to enable practitioners working with young people to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. We offer bespoke training sessions in schools and youth organisations as well as full training courses for staff.

Mind Body Reboot

We are proud to be working with the Pain Team at Worthing and Chichester hospitals to offer a course to young people coping with chronic pain. The sessions provide a safe, inclusive and fun environment to improve fitness, strength and flexibility.

Youth Yoga and Mindful Movement

While yoga can have a reputation as being something that 'hippies' or 'beautiful skinnny women in leggings' do (quotes from our young yogi's!) we aim to break down these barriers to what is proven to be a beneficial practice for stress levels, anger management, confidence, positive body image as well as strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

Our sessions are fun and light hearted, adapted to suits the needs of the groups which range from school groups, young mums and those dealing with mental health challenges to those who simply want to give yoga a try. Sessions can take place in a studio, classroom, gym, youth centre or anywhere that people feel comfortable.

Fitness Bootcamp

With the increase in fast food, computer gaming and a sedentary lifestyle, people are lacking the opportunities to understand about fitness let alone take part in it. As children move up in school PE can take a back seat as 'graded' subjects become more important. As they reach adulthood many can't afford gym memberships and have lost all confidence in their ability to exercise. Our fitness sessions aim to give young people an opportunity to get active in a fun, relaxed environment and remind them how positive exercise can be. 


Our instructors are experienced teachers and therapeutic practitioners, with full CRB, First Aid, Insurance and experience working with EBD, learning difficulties including asperges, autism, ADHD and mental health.