Online and / or face to face (in Sussex) mentoring programme for yoga teachers to deepen and solidify their teaching practice

The 200 hour yoga teacher training course is just the beginning of the journey. It gives you the tools to get started but often it can leave you wondering ‘what next’ and ‘how do I find students, plan classes, promote myself, manage a business…’ These are all questions we help you answer on our yoga teacher mentoring programme.

Nathalie has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years, runs a successful yoga teacher training course and is a qualified teacher. Putting all of this together, she passionately supports new yoga teachers as they find their way down their own path. We all need support, especially as we start out on a new journey. There’s no need to go it alone!

Why choose us? Nathalie is completely dedicated to supporting other teachers to grow and thrive. When she started out on the path of teaching yoga she encountered a lot of negativity and self doubt, but she has proved others (and herself) wrong! Being able to share the confidence and experience she has gained from her journey with others in an honest and supportive way is fundamental to our mentoring programme.


How does it work?

Our mentoring programme can be taken face to face or online, giving you complete freedom and flexibility. Both options cover the following key areas:

Planning and sequencing classes with integrity

Adjusting, assisting and ethics - teaching with sensitivity

Yoga, healthcare & mental health - when yoga can help and what are our limits

Common Yoga injuries and how they can be prevented in our students and us - care & self care

Business, marketing and money - the reality of running a yoga ‘business’

What draws individuals to yoga - finding your niche


You will be given a comprehensive and interactive journal to work through that will encourage you to question these areas of teaching and your own practice. Both options include 60 hours of self study, 1:1 or small group learning in a blended format. The online option is accompanied by monthly webinars whilst the face to face option involves monthly 1:1 or small group sessions. During this time we go through the key areas of study, allowing you to discuss, question and develop your thoughts. Skype and email contact with Nathalie gives you total support as you journey through our programme, and our little community of teachers ensure it doesn’t end there.

The mentoring programme dovetails with our yoga teacher workshops that are held in Sussex, which are offered to everyone on our mentorship at 30% reduction so that you can participate in group workshops in areas you want to learn more about. This flexible and blended approach to learning is designed to give you complete autonomy and allows you to direct your learning and development with our guidance and support.


Online Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programme

Our online yoga teacher mentoring programme is accessible to people across the globe giving you complete flexibility to travel, work and learn. The 6 month programme provides you with 1:1 and group support via email and skype, with a course book to work through that will get you questioning, assessing and addressing the areas of your work and life you want to develop. It is a chance for you to grow the way you approach teaching yoga, and develop yourself as a teacher. Nathalie is devoted to her work with you - there are no automated emails or fancy admin systems. This is a completely personal and down to earth course that will really help you to find your niche as a yoga teacher and feel confident to go out there and teach!

As with our face to face programme, each month we will cover a specific area of teaching, yoga and personal development. You will have time to study this during the month, sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Who is this suitable for? Our online teacher mentoring programme is suitable for yoga teachers across the globe who are looking for a little support and direction with their teaching. Our sessions give you some guidance and encourage you to question, learn and grow, with a mentor who will hold you accountable and help you find your way along your own path.

How much does it cost? £149 for 6 months of support, including 6 Zoom call sessions, continuous email and phone support as desired, 30% reduction in the cost of any of our teacher workshops.

Face to Face Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programme

Our face to face mentoring programme is based in West Sussex. Each month we cover an area of teaching and yoga, which will form the focus for our face to face or small group mentoring session. These are designed to help you to hone your skills and find your niche. The face to face support provides an extra layer of nurturing, encouraging you to develop on a personal level as well. Dates are flexible and can be arranged with Nathalie, giving you ease and allowing you to fit the mentoring in to your work and life.

We recommend people also attend our teacher workshops but we appreciate this isn’t possible for everyone. For this reason we offer these workshops separately so you can pick and choose what you want to attend and when. However they are greatly subsidised for anyone one our mentorship programme.

Who is this suitable for? Our face to face yoga teacher mentoring programme is suitable for yoga teachers living near Sussex who are looking for a little support and direction with their teaching. Meeting people in person allows you to get a feel for them, a sense of connection and often a deeper trust. We find this is important as a mentor and gives us a greater opportunity to build a bond that will help us to help you grow.

How much does it cost? £249 for 6 months of support, including 6 face to face sessions, continuous email and phone support as desired, 30% reduction in the cost of any of our teacher workshops.