Our specialist CPD and further training sessions draw from our own experience and knowledge, helping yoga teachers and practitioners to develop their experience and broaden their teaching practice. As teachers, we love learning; it is what keeps us inspired and our own teaching fresh. We therefore recognise the importance of delivering the best possible courses in order to share what we know and love with others.  Sessions are registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals, counting towards 'Further Training’ hours that are an important part of any teacher’s development.

Next Workshop : Toolkit for Teaching Youth Yoga - a workshop for yoga teachers & youth professionals

Date: 3rd November 2019, 10 - 5, Worthing Cost: £90


This one day workshop will offer an overview of how to share yoga and mindfulness practices with teenagers in a fun, safe and inclusive way. It is designed for yoga teachers and youth professionals who want to bring some yoga techniques into their work with young people.

A more in-depth overview of our youth yoga training courses & workshops can be found here ➡

Yoga Knows No Barrier - adapting yoga for chair based students


Date: 24th November 2019, 10-3, Worthing Cost: £65

For a number of people, simply getting up and down from a yoga mat on the floor is too challenging, and this can often mean that they think they can’t do yoga. However this isn’t the case! During this workshop we will look at how we can adapt a yoga practice using a chair and various props for support. We will explore how we can incorporate breathwork and meditations into a class, creating a chair based practice that is suitable for people with limited movement. The benefits of yoga are profound, from simply improving strength, mobility and balance to enhancing focus, confidence, self-connection, relaxation, not to mention the profound effect of just being in a room with other people, smiling and taking part in something together.

Nathalie has taught yoga to a wide range of groups, including older adults, amputees, adults with MS and Alzheimer’s and young people with chronic pain . She believes that Yoga really is something that can be shared with everyone.

Sequencing with Intention - teaching with authenticity

Date: 26th January 2020, 10-3, Worthing Cost: £65


During this workshop we will learn how to sequence our classes so that they flow logically and energetically, incorporating an intention and exploring how this translates into our asana practice. In yoga, the term Vinyasa Krama describes the idea of ‘placing in a special way’; putting asanas together into a specific order. However our sequencing goes beyond the pose as we start to look at the intention or feeling behind the choice of asanas, adding a further dimension to our teaching.

You will gain a understanding of the fundamentals of sequencing classes, from flow and pace to breaking down key ‘peak poses’ to create safe and effective classes. We will address the element of ‘intention’ in our sequencing, considering how that intention is translated into asanas and yoga practice.

The Art of Honest Business - the reality of teaching yoga

Date TBC


Teaching yoga is many things to many people; from a hobby to a passion to a life calling. Whatever direction your teaching practice goes, there is every chance that at some point it will emerge into a ‘business’ for want of a better word! This is where many teachers get stuck as it can feel like it goes against the grain of the yogic lifestyle.

This workshop is an opportunity to explore how we can run a business whilst keeping in mind our yogic values. Re-visiting the yamas and niyamas, we will discuss how we can apply them, from being honest in the way we work to being non-possessive of our students. We will also look at the more practical elements of running a business and promoting ourselves in line with these values.

The workshop will begin with a yoga practice to encourage self reflection. It will continue with discussion, journaling & self reflection and a chance to create an action plan for your yoga teaching. It is suitable for yoga teachers and trainees.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programme

If you are keen to deepen your yoga teaching practice, our mentoring programme could be just right for you. We work with you on a 1:1 basis addressing the areas that you are feeling less confident in. Yoga has traditionally been taught in this way, individually from teacher to student, and it feels like the right approach for us. The coaching element of the programme helps you to develop personally so that you also have a clearer understanding of who you are as a teacher. Nathalie is naturally nurturing, supporting you throughout the programme and beyond


All our workshops are open to yoga teachers and trainees, counting towards your Further Training hours with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Booking terms and conditions : full payment must be made in order to confirm booking. Refunds will be issued up to 28 days prior to the course commencing, minus a 10% admin fee. Following this a refund will be offered if the space is filled (which we will always try to do)