Corporate Wellness sessions combine our skills in confidence building, stress management, health and fitness, focusing on the needs of your staff. We offer a range of solutions to support your team from one off sessions to courses to workshops and training days. We are also more than happy to design bespoke services to suit your needs, please contact us to discuss how we can help you to create a stronger, healthier, more productive team.



It is well documented that stress is a major factor in productivity at work and our sessions give your employees an opportunity to relax and unwind whilst also keeping fit. Poses can be adapted to do at a desk, although sessions offer staff an opportunity to step away from the computer. The gentle movement with a focus on the breath encourages relaxation and allows staff to return to work feeling revived. 


Stress Buster

A combination of yoga, mindfulness, stress management and team building, running sessions as a course, one off training or as a relaxation break during conferences and seminars. The sessions are more informative than a basic yoga session, providing staff with tools to help them  de-stress. 


Break Time

It is recommended that staff (especially when using a computer) take regular short breaks to avoid RSI, postural and sight problems. Our training session is dedicated to creating a toolkit of techniques, stretches and exercises to help staff take healthy breaks during the day. This may be run as a course or a one off workshop. 


Fit Teams

Fun fitness sessions for your work team helping them to become stronger and healthier whilst boosting team cohesion. Endorphins make us happy and this helps reduce stress. Keeping fit also reduces the risks of illnesses such as coronary heart disease, improves strength and stamina, all of which help to increase productivity of staff, morale, confidence and wellbeing. 


We have successfully worked with numerous partners including the NHS, Public Health Officers and Work Place Health Champions, delivering sessions that improve physical and mental wellbeing. To discuss the needs of your workplace, whether this be a one off session, day training or course of sessions, please contact us.