Through collaboration with the adolescent pain team at Chichester and Worthing hospitals we have gathered research into the ways that yoga and mindfulness have supported groups of 12 - 18 year old girls with persistent pain. 

- It has removed pain I didn’t know I had
- I sometimes use the relaxation when I feel stressed, it reminds me to calm down
- it has helped me to stretch when my pain gets worse
- I now feel ready to go to the gym
— feedback from some of the participants

Outcome of Aim 1 - to increase participation in exercise and activity

The results below show how the levels of activity changed as a result of participation on the course. This is extremely significant because inactivity can lead to a number of other health issues including obesity and diabetes. The results show a marked change in activity levels, both for 30 minutes and 60 minutes of exercise. 


Outcome of Aim 2 - to improve participation / involvement in a life activity

The areas of importance were personally chosen by the participants. The bar graphs below show how each participants view of their 'satisfaction' and 'performance' of their chosen areas changed before and after the course. This was assessed on a scale 1-10, 1 being not satisfied / able to do it at all, 10 being extremely satisfied / able to do it. There is a distinct improvement both in the way they see their performance and satisfaction of these tasks. The average change scores are:

  • Performance = + 2
  • Satisfaction = + 3.6
pain 13.png

Outcome of Aim 3 - self management and reduced reliance on healthcare professionals


We are currently completing our second project with the Pain team at Chichester Hospital. For more information on our findings please feel free to contact us.